Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Challenge Desjarlais, Jan 6-7, Montreal

Challenge Desjarlais is the provincial team championship and one of the very few mixed team events in North America. This year, we sent a record number of teams to dominate our opponents, at least numerically: 4 in epee and 1 in foil for a total of 16 fencers involved! No other club had more than 2 teams competing in epee.

Epee Teams: Our 'D' team (Ilya Krouglikov, Jean-Claude Beaudoin, Elena Frantova) finished 4th (out of 15), losing to the eventual winner of the competition, the undefeated 'A' team from Estoc.

Foil Teams: Our team (Swee Leng Tan, Benjamin Justus, Melita Hadzagic, Anna Raffier) finished 5th (out of 6), losing to the eventual winner of the competition, the 'B' (and only) team from Olympia Montreal.

It was a good first team experience for some and a fair challenge for others. Both individual and team events were held on the same day, so most of us underwent an endurance test as well. On Sunday, our last troops left Centre Claude-Robillard around 9 pm, after more than 12 hours of fencing!

Complete results on the web site of FEQ.

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