Thursday, February 01, 2007

AAA #2, Jan 27, Blainville

ME: Jean-Claude Beaudoin and Alexei Perepelkine both finished in the top 32 with 21st and 23rd places respectively (out of 42), while Alain Lefebvre finished 11th, losing 11-15 to the eventual gold medalist Carl Boulva from Brebeuf.

MF: Benjamin Justus reached the final and finished the day with a silver medal (out of 17). Congratulations, Ben!

WF: Melita Hadzagic finished in the top 8 with a 7th place (out of 9), while Swee Tan reached the final to defeat her opponent with a firm 15-11, thus earning a shiny gold medal. Congratulations, Swee! On her way up, Swee won 14 out of 16 bouts in the 2 rounds of pools and continued to dominate her opponents in the DE with convincing scores of 15-1 and 15-4!

Complete results on the web site of FEQ.

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