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Monday, October 29, 2007

AAA#1, Oct 27, Montreal

WE: Elena Frantova finished 5th (out of 12), losing to the bronze medalist Gabrielle Tétrault from Les Mousquetaires.

WF: Natalie Wee finished 6th (out of 8), losing to the bronze medalist Louisa Khelfaoui from Les Mousquetaires.

ME: Jean-Claude Beaudoin finished 6th (out of 49) in this well-attended event, giving way to the eventual gold medalist Benjamin Mappin-Kasirer from Les Dynamiques de Brébeuf. Shon Boublil finished the day with a 10th place after a leading 3rd position in the preliminary ranking. It was his debut in the AAA circuit, and Shon won 10 out of 11 bouts in pools with an impressive indicator and only 16 hits against him! Bravo, Shon! Jean-Daniel Azuelos and Alexei Perepelkine both ended up in the top 32, winning their first DE bouts. Alexei was unfortunately eliminated in the fratricidal match against Jean-Claude, his regular training partner.

MS: Brian Wong finished 16th (out of 32), conceding the victory to the eventual gold medalist Jean-Charles Christin from Les Dynamiques de Brébeuf.

Complete results on the FEQ web site.

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