Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AAA & Veteran Championships, May 14, Montreal

It was certainly a good day for Alain Lefebvre, the new provincial veteran epee champion! Alain just turned 40 to pass the cap of the veterans a few weeks ago, so it was his first competition in the new pool - and the largest veteran event of the season with 24 participants. Bravo! Alain also finished in the top 8 of the AAA championship, defeating his teammate Stéphane Deschamps. Meanwhile, still among the veterans, Andrew Cashen won bronze in sabre after a tight 15-14 bout against Peter McLaughlin, also a teammate from EMR. Last but not least, Mirna Monla finished the day with a silver medal in senior women's foil. Congratulations!

Complete results on the FEQ website.

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