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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Getting Famous

A serious photo session was held in the Club a couple of weeks ago. The photographer wanted to grasp the inner elegance of a real fencing bout. As a result, one of his shots was accepted for sale on

Can you recognize the stars?


Elena said...


Anonymous said...

Great work, Ilya! Don't you sleep at all?
I’m sure many of us like to read news about ourselves. And the photos are nice too. Can we watch that movie without registering, getting account and so on?
As for comments, maybe the blogger should start asking questions in order to provoke some sort of discussion?

Ilya said...

Thank you! I do sleep sometimes, but it is most occasional. Unfortunately, this is just a photo, not a movie, so you are unlikely to watch it even if you register. Besides, you can always buy a licence on and use this photo in some serious business...
As for the comments, we are certainly open to any kind of suggestions. Do you have any good questions in mind?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Just one: What about inviting fencers from other clubs to come to fence with us / visiting other clubs?

Ilya said...

Fencers from other clubs are always welcome! There are no fees for visitors, and they can come and fence as much as they like. Of course, visiting other clubs is also allowed, but it is more convenient to invite people "home".

Sebastien (from France) said...

Hi EMR Fencers,

Congratulations for your good results! Good job for the blog and for the photos (remind me a lot of fun).