Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowtime Schedule

The club will close for snowtime vacations between December 24th and January 4th, with regular schedule resuming on January 8th. During this period, we could have a couple of training sessions, perhaps at daytime, mainly to prepare for the upcoming Challenge Epee, Fleuret et Sabre d'Or. Please wave if you would like to come! Possible dates include December 29th or 30th, as well as January 2nd or 3rd... Enjoy the holidays, and kindly accept our Snowtime Greetings!


Anonymous said...


Do we fence tomorrow?

Ilya K said...

No, but there will be two training sessions next week:
- Wednesday, Jan 2nd, 11:00-14:00;
- Thursday, Jan 3rd, 18:00-21:00.
Feel free to pass the word...